February 2019

February 2019

Upcoming Events

Day Camp - January 21st: Don’t let electronic games and gadgets occupy your child’s day this January 21st. Train their bodies and minds at Sunset TKD with Tae Kwon Do lessons, games , and activities. Bring a lunch. Snacks will be provided. Please make sure to bring any homework that needs to be accomplished also. $30 per kid from 8am - 5pm. 

Bo Staff Class: 1/19/19 - 3/31/19. Bo staff lessons beginning January 19th. Saturday’s at 11:00 - 12:00. Must be active members, at least the rank of Blue Belt. Fee is $20 monthly and will run until March 30th or further if cancellations occur. If we have to rearrange days due to closures, I will discuss with bo staff members so that we get our 12 required classes in. Depending on class size we do have wooden Bo staffs available for students to use. I would recommend starting out with one of ours and after handling the different staffs, you may order your own (optional). First Possible Testing will be in April at our normal color belt testing for. $20 fee. Invitations will be based on instructor approval.

Black Belt Testing: February 9th, 2019 @ 9am, 100 Mark Fitzgibbons Dr. Oswego, Ny. Please wear appropriate uniforms. All white for 1st degree testers, black pants for 2nd degree testers, blue pants for 3rd degree testers, and red pants for fourth degree testers. Promotions will be the following Wednesday in place of Black Belt Class. 

Kicksite: As of 1/19/2019, we will now be utilizing our kicksite application for tracking members attendance. Students will need their Student ID to sign in. Don't remember your ID? That's Ok. The clipboard beside the sign in ipad will have a list of all active students, and their IDs. If you do not see your ID, please mark the Sign On issues form also lcated on the clipbard for Mrs. Scott to look into.  Curriculum documentation has been added to the platform, and more to come. If you have any questions please speak with Mrs. Scott.

 Valentines Day Cards: Help us spread the love to our community this Valentine’s Day! 2/11 - 2/13 we will be putting together our Valentine’s Day cards to bring to the Country view retirement home. This will be our third year, and hope we can fill even more doors with our student created cards.Supplies will be at the dojang and we encourage parents to assist their child with making their cards, and helping to distribute cards on Valentine’s Day with Mrs. Arvedson.

Super Cup, March 23, 2019 Super Cup is just around the corner. It's time to start getting into shape to compete. ARE YOU READY!!!!!
Super Cup is the largest martial arts tournament in New York State each year and hosted by Master Kim's Taekwondo!  Children as young as 4 through adults, white belt to black belts will compete in sparring, forms and breaking events.  Students in each division in every event will earn (1) Gold medal (1) Silver medal (2) Bronze medals.  All students will compete against others of similar rank, size and ability.  As in past years 100 staff, judges and volunteers will host 500 competitors.  Information packets will be distributed beginning February. 

Stacey Scott