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Have you set up your Online Profile? 

Don't miss out on these features, complimentary with your membership at Sunset TKD. 


An easier way to keep your records up-to-date

Personal details change all the time - people move and phone numbers change. Our members can keep their information up-to-date themselves on their own online account.

Members can pay their invoices and update their payment information online through the member portal, and receive notifcations on failed payments, updates needed, and upcoming payments. 

Online Booking for Members And Visitors

Current Members can book private lessons through the member portal. Reminders will be automatically sent so you don't forget your appointments. 

**New For COVID-19: Gym capacity limits through online booking

When local gyms are allowed to reopen, we are able to set the maximum capacity for each session depending on local guidance and mat space available for proper social distancing when we go back to the mat. 

Members can see enrollment for each session and decide which session to book based on how busy it is. 


Self-service attendance tracking

**While we are training online, due to Covid-19, members and visitors can check-in from home by their computer, tablet, or smart phone prior to the start of class. 

When we are allowed back on the mat, each member can check-in using a name search or 4 digit pin at our front desk. 

Members can track their training history and review their progress from their online accounts.