Sunset Newsletter - February 2018

Thoughts of a Martial Artist

A thought from Mr. Babcock...

I would like to share my thoughts about the art of Tae Kwon Do. 

When I first started, I thought Tae kwon Do was something just to defend myself but over the years and through earning my black belt, I found myself at a place that respect and honor are held in the utmost importance. A place that I can bring my strengths ans share with my classmates. A place that helps me with my weaknesses. I find myself enjoying the pleasure of being an instructor, and sharing my knowledge with color belts moving up the ranks. 

I never thought that Tae Kwon Do was what I've been missing in my drive of an accomplishment in my life. 

Thank you Sunset for putting your time in me and making me the man I am today. 

All Events in our school are published to our website. Follow us on Facebook to get notifications of upcoming closings, or in school events. Our school participates in annual tournaments, quarterly belt testings, community outreach projects, in dojang special events, and more... Stay tuned to see the future happenings. 

Black Belt Club

Black Belt Club is our program to help our youth (Blue belt & up) become actively involved in their community, and to develop their skills in leadership.

Meetings will be held once a week on Fridays before family class.

Our Staff will keep track of Community Hours put forth by our students, that can be later used for resumes and job applications. 

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